36th Alfalfa and Stored Forages Conference Award Winners

The Kentucky Forage and Grassland Council honors outstanding accomplishments in alfalfa science and production to individuals in the public, industry and producer sectors. Recipients honored at the 36th Kentucky Alfalfa and Stored Forages Conference included:

Joey Brashear: Warren Thompson Industry Award

Mike and Jim Green: Charles Schnitzler Alfalfa Producer Award

Brandon Bell: Garry Lacefield Public Service Award

The Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture Forage Testing Program also honored individuals that produced high quality alfalfa and alfalfa/grass hay. Winners included John McCoy (Warren), Geralds Farm (Hart), Roy Reichenbach (Lincoln) Creekview Farm (Washington), Jim Green (Franklin), Woodland Place (Christian), Mark Thomas (Fleming), Simon Yoder (Todd), Michael Bale (Hart) and John Nowak (Christian). Forage Testing Program information can be found at http://www.kyarg.com.  The conference, held in Cave City on Feb. 21st was well attended by producers, agents and industry representatives. Full proceedings of the Conference are available at the UK Forage Extension Website.

~ Krista Lea


Farmer Success with Novel Endophyte Fescue

When Anderson County livestock producer Mike Wilson bought a 60-acre hayfield in Franklin County, he knew he had a lot of work in front of him. The previous owners had let people cut hay for nearly 30 years without putting any nutrients back in the ground, which meant the existing grass stand was a mixture of Kentucky 31 tall fescue and weeds. Mike was interested in how to bring the stand back into full production with a high quality forage. After attending the KY Grazing School he decided  to plant a novel endophyte tall fescue variety that shows good stand life without the toxins in KY-31. Mike applied for and was accepted to receive USDA-NRCS cost share to complete the project.

The field was planted to two varieties of novel endophyte fescue 4 1/2 years ago and Mike has been pleased with the improved hay production and  animal performance. In a recent interview with UK ‘s Jeff Franklin and Katie Pratt, Mike related the following:  “I think my cows are doing better on it. It seems like they maintain their weight better. They just hold their body condition better through the winter on novel endophyte fescue hay.”

To help more farmers learn how to renovate their pastures and hayfields with a novel endophyte variety, UK has partnered with the Alliance for Grassland Renewal to host a Tall Fescue Renovation Workshop March 9 at UK’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and Spindletop Research Farm.

The video interview with Mike and county agent Tommy Yankey can be found here.   Discounted registration ends March 6, register online here. ~ Katie Pratt


Kentucky Cattlemen Association Presents Forage Specialist Funds at the KFGC Field Day

At the KFGC Field Day on September 13th, Kentucky Cattleman Association Executive Vice President Dave Maples presented a check for $25,000 to Dr. Ray Smith in support of the hiring of Dr. Chris Teutsch as the Forage Extension Specialist in Princeton. Industry support from KCA, KFGC, and other groups, both monetary and verbal, was key is moving Continue reading