**New Section** Fencing Tips

Selecting an energizer.  Energizers are the heart of electric fencing systems and are NOT a component that you should try to “save” money on.  A low-cost energizer often costs more in terms future repairs and replacements and possibly loose livestock.  If electrical service is available, plug in energizers are considerably more powerful and offer the best value in terms of cost to power ratio.  For remote areas, solar or battery powered energizers are viable alternatives for smaller acreages.  Power comparisons of energizers should be done using “stored energy” which is measured in joules.     ~ Dr. Chris Teutsch

Quote of the Month: The World Hates Change, Yet it is the Only Thing that has brought Progress ~ Charles Kettering

Change, such as adopting a new method of grazing management or hay storage, replanting fields with new forage species/varieties or buying a new herd bull,book2 is often painful and causes uncertainty for forage-livestock producers. Will the additional costs pay off? Careful evaluation of the impact of a possible change is required, of course, but progress can only come with decisions that bring change.     Forage-Livestock Quotes and Concepts, vol. 2,  is available here.


Heart of America Grazing Conference Comes to Indiana, January 22-23, 2019

FERDINAND, IN – Producers interested in improving their grazing management or looking to start a grass-finished beef enterprise should consider attending the Heart of America Grazing Conference January 22 and 23 to hear from leaders in the grazing industry including: Jason Tower, Dr. Scott Barao, Dr. R.P. Cooke, Dr. Dennis Fennewald, Dr. Scott Flynn, Dr. Grant Burcham, and Dr. Ray Smith

The Indiana Forage Council is organizing the 2019 conference. The Heart of America Grazing Conference is an annual event that moves around the Midwest. The host site for the conference is the Ferdinand Community Center in Ferdinand, Indiana. Registration for the event will be $90 if registration is complete by December 31, 2018. Prices increase after this date. Registration information is available here. According to Dr. Keith Johnson, “The Heart of America Grazing Conference is a great opportunity for all forage-livestock producers. This multi-state educational event brings individuals from farms, agribusinesses and education/service providers together to network with one another about how to improve grazing management systems.”  ~ Jason Tower, Indiana Forage Council


Heart of America Conference – Jan. 22-23, 2019

The Heart of America Grazing Conference is a regional conference rotated between five states: Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky. This year’s conference will be held in Ferdinand, IN on January 22-23. Topics include: Managing Grazing Refresher Seminar, Starting a Grass-Fed Beef Operation, Grazing Technologies and Gadgets, Selecting Forage-Based Beef Genetics for a Profitable Operation, and Red Clover: More Than Just Nitrogen. Early registration is $90 for the two day program and ends December 20.  The full agenda is available here.