Western KY Summer Forage Tour: “Nurtured Lands Farm…A Regenerative Journey”

Please join us May 25th from 3:00—7:00 pm at the Nurtured Lands Farms in Princeton KY. Cost is $10 per person to cover dinner. Topics include integrating multiple livestock species, building soil fertility through bale grazing, direct to consumer marketing and more! Register online at https://WestKyForageTourMay23.eventbrite.com or contact Kate Adams at Kate@nutruredlands.com. Kate and Justin Adams purchased their Princeton Kentucky farm in 2016. It had been neglected for many years leading to low soil fertility and poor soil health. While neither Kate nor Justin grew up on a farm, they both enjoy hard work and have a passion for regenerative agriculture. Justin always had an interest in livestock and has an undergraduate degree from Murray State University in Animal Health Technology and a Master of Agriculture in Integrated Resource Management from Colorado State University. The first year on the farm they started with a contract grazing partnership with Dogwood Farm. Toby and Debby Dulworth quickly moved from just partners to partners and mentors. Like most farmers starting out they started on a budget. Dogwood paid Kate and Justin with a share of the calves, and this is how they started their herd. In 2020, they added layer chickens in a mobile coop to follow the cattle and help reduce the fly population on the farm. This was also the year they ended the cow/calf production and move to grass finishing steers. In 2021, pastured chickens were added, and the farm started direct to consumer marketing both chicken and beef cuts. A partnership with Magney Legacy Ridge farm started in 2021 for Western Kentucky consumers to order online and have a weekly delivery to their home. In 2022, forest finished hogs we added to the farm. This farm tour will be a walking tour of the 50-acre farm (35 in pasture). Justin and Kate will explain how they used strategic forages, animals, and grazing techniques to bring life back into the soil. They have experimented with many ways of diversifying the forages on the farm and have seen the biggest impacts through frost seeding of clovers and lespedeza. Since Nurtured Lands Farm does not use synthetic fertilizers, having the clovers in the pastures is a main source of nitrogen. The tour will be a friendly discussion of shared practices. More info here