More Details on Spring Fencing Schools

This fall, the University of Kentucky will host two regional fencing schools to help livestock producers learn about the newest and most sound techniques to build fences.     The schools are April 11th in Scottsville, KY and April 13th in Richmond, KY. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. local time. Classes throughout the day include fencing construction basics, fencing types, costs and fencing laws among other subjects. UK forage extension specialist Chris Teutsch started these one-day events in Kentucky in 2018 to help farmers improve their grazing management.

Fencing school participants learn how to build an H-brace during a school held in Frankfort. 

“If you’ve ever driven through the country, you’ve probably seen a lot of fences, but not a lot of well-built ones,” said Teutsch, a professor at the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. “One of the goals of this school is to teach people basic fence construction. So, they can build a strong, long-lasting fence that will last 25 or 30 years, or if they decide to hire a contractor to build it for them, they will at least know what a well-built fence looks like.”

UK specialists and experts in the fencing industry will teach producers how to install both fixed knot woven wire and smooth electrified high tensile fencing.  Participants will learn though a combination of classroom sessions and hands-on demonstrations. If producers choose to participate in cost share programs, they can use the  skills learned to construct fences that meet Natural Resources Conservation Service specifications. 

Each school is limited to 30 participants and costs  $35 per person. The registration fee includes morning refreshments, a catered lunch, a fencing note, and safety glasses, and hearing protection.  Those wishing to sign up for the Scottsville school can do so at  Those interested in attending the Richmond school can do so at  UK extension urges producers to sign up early because spots will go fast. The deadline to sign up is two weeks before the workshop.

This program is a combined effort of industry partners Gallagher USA, Stay-Tuff Fencing, and ACI Distributers, and the Kentucky Forage and Grassland Council, the UK Cooperative Extension Service, and the Master Grazer Program.