2023 appears to be following 2017 weather patterns

As of February 25th, Lexington has accumulated 716 GDDs, actually exceeding the pace in 2017 at this same time. Just to put in perspective, we didn’t hit 716 until March 24th in 2022. Paducah lies in a similar spot, accumulating 742 as of February 25th.As you may imagine, while we’re seeing signs of spring early in the year, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. Our warmth in 2017 was actually followed by below normal temperatures in March. In fact, we had lows dip well into the 20s and even the teens over multiple nights. While I’m not saying we’ll get that cold, the outlook above definitely hints at some cold days and nights ahead!~ Matt Dixon, from Ag. Weather Update, 2-27-23