Closing Date for Forage Seeding Insurance Coverage Fast Approaching—March 15

Farmers invest a significant amount of time, energy, and money in new seedings of alfalfa and forage crops each year. In order to protect that investment, farmers are reminded of the fast-approaching deadline to apply for forage seeding coverage for many areas of the country. Current policyholders and uninsured farmers must make all of their decisions regarding crop insurance coverage for spring-seeded crops before the sales closing date of March 15, the last day to buy federal crop insurance (coverage for fall-seeded crops is July 31). Kentucky is not one of the officially approved states for this insurance, but fortunately KY producers can apply through a local agent who sells other crop protection policies with a ‘written agreement.’ Written agreements are more cumbersome and labor intensive, but still an option for those who are interested in obtaining coverage in non-covered states. Check with the  agent you normally work with to find out the records you’ll  need to provide in order to apply for coverage.

Forage seeding coverage is a dollar value policy which establishes a set price per acre for the forage seeding. This value is dependent upon the level of coverage selected and it changes every year. The policy varies slightly among states. Coverage protects against adverse weather conditions, such as hail, frost, freeze, wind, drought and excess moisture; failure of irrigation water supply; fire, if due to natural causes; plant disease and insects; or wildlife. ~ published in National Alfalfa and Forage Alliance January Newsletter.