Successful KFGC Field Day in Lincoln County

Over 170 people attended the KFGC field day held August 17 at Bill Holtzclaw’s farm in Lincoln County. Much of the success of the field day was due to the hard work of the county agent, Tyler Miller. A special thanks to Bill, his wife Linda and son Chris, employee Jim, and others who worked so hard to host this huge crowd. The field day highlighted important topics for producers in the area including: Grazing Summer Annuals by Dr. Chris Teutsch; Alfalfa Weed Control by Dr. J.D. Green;  Establishing Alfalfa by Dr. Ray Smith; and Making High Quality Baleage by Dr. Jimmy Henning. The drone photo shows the large attendance at the field day and the impressive hay and pasture fields at the Holtzclaw’s. Note the corn crop at the top of the photo. Bill and his father before him have been grazing standing corn in the late fall for the past 50 years. This has provided a high yielding/high energy feed for late season grazing. After grazing, Bill frost seeds red clover, alfalfa, tall fescue and orchardgrass into the trampled residue in February for 3 years of high quality pasture before planting the field back into corn. Dr. David Ditsch wrote a publication on Grazing Corn several years ago. Download from the Forage Website at: