Pub of the Month: Grazing Alfalfa

 Alfalfa has long been recognized as the premier forage crop around the world. Though grazing alfalfa is not a common practice in most of the United States, it is widely practiced in other regions, and certainly feasible in the United States.

This publication reviews the important considerations for grazing alfalfa and alfalfa/grass stands for meat and milk production. It also shows the benefit of alfalfa in sustainable pasture systems and highlights how alfalfa can be used for grazing by all livestock including sheep, goats, and horses. The new publication also provides a realistic overview of the benefits and challenges of grazing alfalfa and assists producers in determining if this high quality forage fits for their livestock operation. Grazing alfalfa should be considered a useful component in pasture systems and not simply a residue management practice in hayfields or a rescue harvest when haymaking is impractical. Order or download a pdf of this and  other National Alfalfa and Forage Alliance publications here.