Line up Warm Season Annual Grass Varieties Now

Warm season annual grasses should not be planted until after there is no risk of frost, but seed supplies have be tight in recent years. Therefore, make sure to contact your seed dealer and order your seed now for May plantings. We also begun testing warm season annuals for forage quality through Chris Teutsch’s lab in Princeton. Special thanks to Chris and his crew for grinding and running these samples through the NIRS. See the tables below for Forage Quality of the warm season annual varieties that we tested last year of Sudangrass, Sorghum-Sudangrass, Pearl Millet, and Teff.

Go to the “Variety Trial” Tab on the Forage Website to download the complete 2020 Annual Grass Report: Warm Season and Cool Season (Cereals). This report contains 3 years of yield information for all these species and for forage sorghum. At the back of this report is a summary table showing how numerous varieties have performed in KY over the last 15 years.