Breaking News: Alfalfa Weevil Populations Exploding

According to UK Extension Entomologists Ric Bessin and Raul Villanueva recent warm weather has resulted in the emergence of alfalfa weevil larva across the Commonwealth.  It is critical that alfalfa growers scout fields immediately and prepare to apply insecticides as soon as the economic thresholds have been reached.  For more information on alfalfa weevil scouting and control, please visit the Kentucky Pest News website and see ENTFACT-127: Alfalfa Weevil Field Sampling Program.   

Photo: Alfalfa weevil damage and actual weevils collected from three alfalfa stem terminals at the University of Kentucky Grain and Forage Center of Excellence in Princeton, KY.   Photo by Raul Villanueva  

Begin scouting for alfalfa weevils when the growing degree days in your county reach 190 or more. You can calculate GDD at the following UK Ag Weather website.