The Hardest Part is Just Getting Started – Rotational Stocking

Sometimes we make things too complicated!  Rotational grazing is a perfect example.  I think its important to realize that it is perfectly okay to ease into rotational grazing.  Fine tuning your grazing system will come with time.  Benefits of rotational stocking include improved pasture growth, nutrient distribution and drought tolerance as well as fewer weeds and better animal handling.  Follow Dr. Chris Teutsch and his team as they help a local farmer set up a 4 pasture rotational grazing system in 3 hours. Full article available in Cow Country News. ~ Chris Teutsch, Cow Country News

Setting up a rotational grazing on Larry and Jana Clark’s farm in Graves County system using temporary fencing.  Larry and Jana Clark, Mary Ann Ellison, Jessica Buckman, Alex Teutsch, and Carrie Tarr-Janes (left to right).