CAIP Approved Forage Seed List

The Approved Forage Seed List for CAIP provides the specific varieties that are eligible for cost share reimbursement for the following species: clover (red, white); alfalfa; bermudagrass; big bluestem; eastern gamma grass; Caucasian bluestem; endophyte-free fescue; Kentucky bluegrass; novel endophyte fescue; orchardgrass; timothy; and, festulolium. The list can be found at here.

What about seed blends?

All varieties listed in the blend must be listed on the Approved Forage Seed List for the blend to be eligible for cost-reimbursement. My preferred variety isn’t on the list. What now? Requests to add seed varieties are submitted to Dr. Ray Smith, UK Forage Specialist.

  1. The company selling the seed needs to send Dr. Smith ( the Variety Description and results of two or more yield trials in KY or surrounding states.
  2. If the requested variety is adapted to Kentucky and has yield and persistence ratings that are average to above average compared to other varieties UK has tested, then Dr. Smith will recommend to GOAP to add the requested variety to the approved seed list.

Varieties of other crops – brassicas, buckwheat, corn (less than 10 acres), forage sorghum, rye, ryegrass, oats, soybeans (forage beans only), wheat – for forage and grazing purposes are currently at the discretion of the local Agricultural & Natural Resources Extension Agent.