Kentucky Alfalfa and Stored Forages Conference – Elizabethtown, KY. Feb. 20

The new Hardin county Extension Office will be hosting the 39th Kentucky Alfalfa and Stored Forage Conference.  Topics include:

  • Managing Alfalfa Nutrient Uptake
  • Don’t Let Insects Eat Your Alfalfa Profit
  • Fertilizing Profitable High Yield Alfalfa
  • Getting the Upper Hand on Alfalfa & Grass Diseases
  • Updates on an Online Alfalfa Management Tool
  • What’s New in Alfalfa Weed Control
  • Advances in Hay Mechanization
  • Making a Profit with a Cash Hay Operation

Early registration is just $30. Find the full agenda and register here. For paper registration, mail a check with your name and address to: Ray Smith, N-222E Ag. Science Center North, Univ. of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40546-0091.PS - alfalfaDS7_0290