Quote of the Month: My Farm Ain’t Overstocked, It’s Just Under-Rained!

Many forage-livestock producers can relate to the idea of a far sometimes being “under-

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rained.” Lack of adequate soil moisture is one of the major, and most frustrating, factors affecting forage growth, consequently, reducing forage for grazing animals. However, good grazing management can help mitigate effects of limited soil moisture. It is well documented that overgrazing drastically reduces root growth of forage plants. If plants have a shallow and poorly developed root system, drought conditions will reduce growth much more quickly than in plants with root systems that access a larger volume of soil. An extensive root system also allows plants to recover more quickly once it rains. Order your copy of Forage-Livestock Quote and Concepts, vol. 2, today at https://forages.ca.uky.edu/content/forage-books