Grass-Fed and –Finished Beef Production & Marketing: an OAK Field Day

 May 2, 2019, 1-4, Elmwood Stock Farm, Georgetown

Through a visit to Elmwood Stock Farm’s pastures and discussion, participants will learn about the Farm’s strategies for raising certified organic, grass-fed, grass-finished beef, including their regenerative grazing and rotation practices, disciplined management of year-round forage, and an understanding of their animals’ development oakand genetics. Participants will learn about Elmwood’s approach to direct-marketing pure grass-finished beef to customers, including high-quality processing; selection and cooking preparation of meat cuts; and consumer education. Elmwood Stock Farm is a 550-acre certified organic multi-generational family farm in Scott County, producing vegetables, beef, poultry, and lamb for local and regional markets. This OAK Field Day is open to all; pre-registration is required. Cost is $5 for OAK members; $10 for non-members. Click here for more info or call 502-517-9629