The Impact of Tedding on the Economic Production of Alfalfa Silage

bale wrapTwo treatments, tedded and untedded, were applied to an alfalfa field to determine their impact on the quality of the resulting forage. The tedded treatment area was tedded after the cutting of the field, and the untedded treatment was left in its original swath. The tedded treatment area dried at a greater rate than the untedded treatment area in all cuttings and replications. Crude protein, water-soluble carbohydrates, ash content, and neutral detergent fiber were also observed to be different, with the tedded treatment having lower crude protein, higher water-soluble carbohydrates, lower ash, and higher neutral detergent fiber than the untedded treatment. A difference was not observed between the treatments for total digestible nutrients. ~ Lindsey Murry and Matthew Digman, NAFA checkoff/AFRP/APRI Research Summaries. Read the full NAFA newsletter here.