Proceedings – 38th KY Alfalfa and Stored Forages Conference: Barn Considerations for Cash Hay Operations

A well designed and built a barn can be invaluable for cash hay operation. Barns provide opportunities to reduce losses in dry matter and help maintain quality throughout the winter.  There are numerous styles of barns that hay producers can purchase or build themselves. Wood frame structures, often with metal roofs and metal sides, are fairly common. You can also build barns with a steel structure with or without metal siding on the walls. Hoop barns are another common hay storage structure – particularly common with round bale storage.  All, however, provide valuable storage for hay. There are four areas of consideration for ensuring the barn style chosen will be effective on a specific hay operation:  site selection, barn sizing, construction approaches, and ventilation. ~ Dr. Morgan Hayes, full proceedings for the conference are here.