Kentucky Spring Fencing School

The 2019 Spring Fencing School will be held in three locations on three separate dates: April 9 at the Pirri Equine Teaching Pavilion in Lexington, KY; April 11 at the Cumberland County Extension Office in Burkesville, KY; and May 30 at the Logan County Extension Office in Russellville KY.  Hosted by the Master Grazer program, the school begins at 7:30am and ends at 4:30pm local time.  Presenters will offer the newest fencing methods and sound fencing construction with classroom and hands-on learning.

The first half of the day is spent in a classroom reviewing fence construction basics, Kentucky fencing laws, and electric fencing basics.  After a catered lunch, participants will venture to a local farm and install two types of fences: fixed knot high tensile woven wire fencing and electrified smooth high tensile fencing.  Sponsors include the Gallagher North American, Stay-Tuff Fencing, UK Master Grazer Program, Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund, and the Kentucky Beef Network.

Preregistration is necessary, and enrollment is limited to the first 30 participants.  Registration is $30 and includes all materials, fencing manual, breaks and lunch.  You can find all three events here. Register online or mail your registration to Rehanon Pampell, 1205 Hopkinsville Street, Princeton, KY 42445.DSC_4335