Feeding your 2018 Hay

Ration balancing options are available to beef producers who have a hay test by using a computer program. The UK Beef Cow Forage Supplement Tool is a simple web-based tool to estimate forage intake and supplementation rates.


The UK Beef Cow Forage Supplement Tool gives quick feeding solutions for available hay choices. Access the program here.

To use the tool, producers need to know the quality of the hay to be fed (dry matter, protein, NDF and TDN) and the desired stage of production of the cows. They can choose from among several supplement options and the program calculates the amount to be fed.

The program was developed by beef specialists in the UK Department of Animal and Food Sciences and is designed to provide quick and simple feeding solutions for Kentucky producers. Remember that many variables such as weather conditions, body condition, animal health, and palatability of feedstuffs can affect actual intake and animal response to a feeding program. Actual feed/forage intake and body condition should be monitored throughout the feeding program. Cattle should also have access to a complete mineral supplement and clean drinking water at all times.

The wintering cost is the largest single expense for beef cows. Manage this cost by making sound feeding decisions with your 2018 hay by using the UK Beef Cow Forage Supplement Tool. ~ Dr. Jimmy Henning, Farmers Pride