Quote of the Month: Pastures are Tattletales

Much can be learned about the management history of a pasture just by carefully observing what is growing there. Certain forage crops and weeds are favored or discriminated against by various management practices. Most forage crops require higher levels of soil fertility and soil pH than

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most weedy species. Obviously, pasture herbicides can be used to kill weeds in many situations. Also, because plants vary greatly with regard to grazing tolerance, grazing management is a powerful tool that can be used to favor increased stands of desirable species. Decisions regarding these issues have a profound effect on the species composition of pastures. Consequently, a question that a forage-livestock producer might do well to periodically consider is, “What stories do my pastures tell?” To purchase a Livestock Quotes and Concepts Book, contact us at ukforageextension@uky.edu.