New Crimson Clover Available: Kentucky Pride

Dr. Norm Taylor was the clover breeder at UK for over 50 years. One of his last variety releases was an annual crimson clover named Kentucky Pride. This variety provides many cover crop and forage options that were not available in previous varieties. Kentucky Pride is more winter hardy, later in maturity for more spring grazing, and has better tolerance to poorly drained soils than the long term standard crimson clover Dixie. The best time to plant Crimson clover is early to mid-September to allow establishment before winter, but the majority of production is late March, April and May. Like all annual clovers, it then dies after flowering, but in it’s short life it is very productive and excellent at fixing N. Farmers in KY can buy Kentucky Pride from:

  • The Cisco Companies (Indianapolis, IN; 800-888-2896)
  • Turner Seed, (Winchester, KY; 859-737-1234 or Antioch, TN; 615-641-7333)
  • Walnut Creek Seeds (Carroll, OH; 330-475-6352)