Sivanto Prime Available on Sweet Sorghum for 2018

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) just announced that Kentucky will again have Sivanto Prime available for use on sweet sorghum and other sorghums to fight sugarcane aphid. This is good news as this insecticide is very effective and the sugarcane aphid can severely damage sweet sorghum and all crops in the sorghum family. This marks the third year that the emergency use of this material has been secured for Kentucky.


Surgacane aphid can be recognized by its yellow color and black tips to its antennae, cornicles (‘tailpipes’), and tarsi (‘feet’) (Photo: Ric Bessin, UK).

Last year, sugarcane aphid was found over the entire state for the first time; however, each year this insect must recolonize the state from southern overwintering areas. There will be an announcement if and when it is detected in Kentucky in 2018.

Sivanto Prime is used as a rescue treatment when sugarcane aphid reaches an average of 50 or more aphids on 25% to 30% of the leaves. In order for a producer to use Sivanto Prime on sweet sorghum, they need to 1) Have a copy of the section 18 label in their possession, and 2) Be a certified applicator (either private or commercial).

If applied to sweet sorghum the acreage treated to the KY Department of Agriculture for reporting purposes (this ensures we will be eligible to obtain these exemptions in the future). This product is allowed on forage sorghum, sorghum-sudangrass, and sudangrass without restrictions, so there is no need to report applications on these crops. Check label for application rates and timing.

~ Ric Bessin, Extension Entomologist, from Kentucky Pest News, May 2018.