Featured Publication: Warm Season Annual Grasses in Kentucky (AGR-229)

PS - Corn DSC_7883 HDR Corn_2There is increased interest in warm season annual grasses that are adapted to Kentucky. They range from sorghum-sudangrass to crabgrass. Recently, specialists in Kentucky worked together to write a replacement for “Producing Summer Annual Grasses for Emergency or Supplemental Forage.” The new publication Warm Season Annual Grasses in Kentucky-AGR229 contains an excellent overview of the options available and general information about each one. In addition to this publication a series of 5 individual publications were written covering the specific establishment and management details for the main warm season annual grasses planted in Kentucky.

AGR-234: Sudangrass and Sorghum-sudangrass hybrids

AGR-230: Forage Sorghum

AGR-233: Foxtail Millet

AGR-231: Pearl Millet

AGR-232: Crabgrass