Quote of the Month: “Extending Grazing Can Be Amazing.”

Opportunities to extend the grazing season vary greatly depending on climate, soils, type of farming operation and other factors. However, there are many instances where additional days of grazing can be obtained with a little effort. For example, stockpiling forage, grazing crop residues and improving grazing management are often quite effective. In many cases, winter annuals can be planted on summer row crop land and then be grazed or cut for hay or silage. Likewise, summer perennial grasses can often be over-seeded with winter annuals such as annual ryegrass and/or annual clovers to provide high quality cool season forage growth, and in many cases, a cool season legume such as red clover can be seeded into cool season perennial grass pastures to provide nitrogen, improve forage quality and extend the grazing season. Order your copy of Forage Livestock Quotes and Concepts today.

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