Grazing Corn: Valuable Forage for Daviees County Producer


Daviess County farmer Tim Taylor explains how he uses corn for his grazing operation at the recent field day. Over fifty farmers leaned how Taylor uses corn in his stocker/freezer beef operation and as a rotation crop to high quality endophyte-free tall fescue, red clover, annual lespedeza pasture.

Over fifty producers and agri-business professionals attended the 2017 KFGC Field Day. Clint Hardy, the Daviess County Extension agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources facilitated the late afternoon event at Tim Taylor’s farm. Grazing corn and other summer annuals was the focus of the evening.

Educational presentations by Kenny Burdine (UK Ag Economics Specialist), Ray Smith, and Chris Teutsch (UK Forage Specialists) helped producers understand the economics, management and other benefits of grazing these annual crops. Kenny Burdine summarized these topics by saying, “Don’t focus on the up-front costs, focus on future profits. Utilization of what you grow is the key to profitability.”

The highlight of the evening was Tim Taylor leading a discussion on how he uses corn in his grazing operation and in his pasture improvement plan. Tim raises calves on high quality pastures (corn, endophyte-free tall fescue/clover/lespedeza) for CPH sales and for freezer beef. He plants improved forages on the corn ground and rotates the corn to another section of his farm each year. When asked what people say about him grazing corn, Tim laughed and told the group, “People come up to the house all the time and tell me my cows are in the corn!” Refer to UK publication ID-152 “Grazing Corn” for more details.   ~ Dr. Jimmy Henning