Plan Ahead Now for Fall Seeding

While summer officially started late June, now is the best time to begin planning for fall seeding. Failure to do so often results in missing seeding windows or inability to secure the needed supplies such as seed, herbicides and equipment. Below are a few quick reminders to improving seeding success.

  • Spray herbicides now. Most herbicides require six weeks or more before seeding perennial grasses, so if you are planning to seed in September, herbicides should be applied soon. Be sure to read and follow all label instructions.
  • Research and purchase seed now. New and productive varieties may not be available in high quantities, so purchase seed now to prepare for seeding late August – mid-September
  • Perform routine maintenance and any repairs needed on seeding equipment. Seed placement is crucial to seeding success.
  • Ensure soil fertility. If you haven’t soil tested in the last 3 years for pastures or last year for hay fields, do so now and apply any needed lime, P or K as recommended. For all cool-season pastures, fall nitrogen is recommended to boost root reserves and increase winter survival.

For more information on fall establishment, contact your local county extension agent or check out our list of publications.