Not too late to plant Warm Season Annuals

Planting warm season annual grasses like pearl millet, sudangrass, crabgrass, and sorghum-sudangrass is a great way to produce quality forage for the summer months. Even thought it’s already June, there is still plenty of warm weather for these forages to produce excellent hay and baleage yields and to extend the grazing season. Sudangrass and crabgrass can provide high quality hay and grazing. The larger stems of pearl millet and sorghum-sudangrass make them more suited for baleage or grazing. For specific variety information, go to the UK Forage Website under Forage Variety Trials and open the 2016 Long Term Summary Report to page 4. For example, the table below shows average performance of sudangrass varieties over the last six years with averages over 9 years. Note that 100 means the variety has average yield and >100 means better than average. Remember that BMR varieties are higher quality, so some reduction in yield is often acceptable. Refer to the “2016 Warm Season Annual Report” for detailed information on variety performance including yield, seedling vigor, and maturity.  ~ Ray Smith