Quote of the Month: “It is cut when it is just beginning to flower, and this is repeated as often as it throws out new blossoms” ~ Pliny the Elder

Alfalfa is thought to be the only forage crop cultivated before the development of written languages. Even in the early days of managing alfalfa, it was known that harvesting at an early bloom growth stage would optimize dry matter yield, forage quality and rapid and vigorous regrowth of the plant, a concept that applies to other forage crops as well. Today, harvests may be made at an even earlier growth stage when quality and intake potential are higher in order to meet the nutritional demands of high producing animals. However, such early harvests may occur before carbohydrates, depleted by plant regrowth, are optimally restored, so additional management care is required to ensure plant survival and stand longevity. Purchase Forage-Livestock Quotes and Concepts books for $5 each by contacting ukforageextension@uky.edu.