Quote of the Month: “Green is Good and Brown is Bad: Fact or Fiction?”

Is often used in the turf industry to describe desirable and undesirable lawns. It has also sometimes been used in a similar way to describe hay. Most people would agree that green, early-cut, leafy, soft, pleasant-smelling, dust– and mold-free hay is highly desirable. However, “green” is more related to the curing process than to higher quality. In many dry environments it is possible to produce attractive, green hay that is stemmy and of extremely low quality. Likewise, it is possible to produce high quality, leafy, dust-and mold-free hay that was bleached during the curing process. Color is important to many buyers of hay, but not to animals. A brown bale of hay may be more nutritious and palatable than a green one. Purchase Forage-Livestock Quotes and Concepts books for $5 each by contacting ukforageextension@uky.edu.

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